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water proofing

water proofing


We have set standards in waterproofing sectors & provided the solution for waterproofing problems. We have installed all types of waterproofing systems available in the construction industry with our professional & highly trained engineers and technicians.

Underground Structure

We design & install all types of waterproofing systems for underground structures ( i.e. basements, water tanks, swimming pools, ponds ,lagoons & reservoirs,) by our well-trained applicators and guarantee the performance of the system.

1-Bituminous Membrane :  We install bituminous membrane waterproofing systems by our highly experienced certified applicators with the latest available technique approved by different manufacturers of the bituminous membrane.

2-Cementitious Waterproofing :  We guarantee the waterproofing of underground structure as long as the life span of the structure by treating it with a cementitious waterproofing system. Our cementitious waterproofing chemicals from Thoro, Belgium insure the performance of the system with entire satisfaction of the client.

3-Crystalline Waterproofing (CPB) :  Crystalline waterproofing is a solution for those structure where a dry substrate cannot be achieved due to moisture , ground water ,or very high water pressure. We have a long experience and track record of solving such types of problems with our well- tested material from THORO, Belgium.

4-Ethylene-Propylene-dieneterpolymer membrane (EPDM):  We design and install E P D M for underground structure under the supervision of qualified engineers and highly experienced technicians as per the requirement of client's specification.

5-Thermoplastic membrane (PVC) & Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane - T.P.O.

6-Fluid-applied elastomeric membrane.

7-Advance waterproofing of tunnels by compartment system.

8-HDPE membrane: for all types of underground structures i.e. basements, tanks, swimming pools, ponds, lagoons, reservoirs , tunnels & land fill.