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Since the establishment of the Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Division of ABSAR Development Company in the year 1401 H (1981), the effective and efficient customer service is the top amongst our managerial goals.

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water proofing

Waterproofing We have set standards in waterproofing sectors & provided the solution for waterproofing problems. We have installed all types of waterproofing systems available in the construction

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THERMAL INSULATIONS We provide different types of thermal insulation for roofs as per the international standard in order to achieve maximum comfort and save energy. 1-LIGHT WEIGHT FOAM CONCRETE. 2

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CONCRETE REPAIR We are the approved & qualified contractor for concrete repair & rehabilitation works : 1-Rehababilitation of Concrete Structure. 2-Refurbishment of Pavements & Floors.

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COATINGS We are specialized to apply different types of coatings as per the international standards with our highly qualified technicians utilizing the latest equipment and machines. 1-Epoxy Coating

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FIREPROOFING SYSTEM We apply passive fire protection coating for all types of steel structures for protection from extended fire. It is resistant and stops the spread of fire by using international

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MARINE WORKS We are approved & qualified contractor for all types of marine works. We have qualified technicians and marine equipment. 1- Dredging works. 2-Quay walls. 3-Floating pontoons.

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CATHODIC PROTECTION We install all types of cathodic protection by our qualified, experienced engineers & technicians. 1-Galvanic CP - Sacrificial anode. 2-Impressed current CP – ICCP.

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Roof Waterproofing

Roof Waterproofing We install different roofing system technologies for all types of external roofs by highly trained waterproofing and insulating experts in our Academy under very close supervision

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Accessibility system

Accessibility System We design, supply & implement products, devices, services, and environments for disabled people. We design, supply & implement the accessibility program at King Saud uni

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Environmental We are capable of doing all works of lining landfills, ponds, and lakes and strengthening and supporting soils and inclinations to avoid leakage of polluted water to groundwater.

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