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With the wide range of waterproofing systems, ABSAR co. with its professional technicians has perfectly balanced the proven system in its hand with entire requirement of the structure & client.

We set standards in the waterproofing segments & provide the solution of the waterproofing problems. We install all type of waterproofing system available in the construction industry with our professional & highly trained engineers and technicians.

Under Ground Structure.
We design & install all type of waterproofing system for under ground structure i.e. basements, Water tanks, swimming pool, ponds ,lagoons & reservoirs, by our well trained applicators and guaranteed the performance of the system.

We install bituminous membrane waterproofing system by our highly experienced certified applicators with latest available technique approved by different manufacturer of the bituminous membrane.

We guarantee the waterproofing of under ground structure as long as life of the structure by treating with cementitious waterproofing system.Our cementitious waterproofing chemicals from Thoro,Belgium insured the performance of the system with entire satisfaction of the client.

Crystalline waterproofing is a solution for those structure where a dry sub strate can not be achieved due to moisture or ground water or very high water pressure. We are having long experience and track record of solving such type of problems with our well tested material from THORO,Belgium.

We design and install E P D M for under ground structure in supervision of qualified engineers and highly experienced technicians as per the requirement of client's specification.

Thermoset membrane (EPDM)

Fluid-applied elastomeric membrane.

Advance waterproofing of tunnels by compartment system